At Pulsar Instrument Support, we’re not just a service provider—we’re your dedicated partner in ensuring the seamless operation of your LCMS systems. Specializing in comprehensive Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) maintenance, our expert team brings together unparalleled technical prowess and extensive hands-on experience across a diverse spectrum of laboratory instruments.

From intricate troubleshooting to precise calibration and meticulous preventive maintenance, we’re equipped with the latest tools and techniques to enhance your instruments’ performance and reliability. We understand the critical role your LCMS systems play in your research and diagnostic outcomes, which is why we go above and beyond to minimize downtime and prevent unexpected disruptions.

Choose Pulsar Instrument Support for:

  • Expert Troubleshooting: Rapid diagnosis and resolution of complex issues.
  • Precision Calibration: Ensuring accuracy and consistency in your results.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Proactively identifying and addressing potential problems to extend the life of your instruments.

Umair Azhar
Umair AzharManaging Partner
Umair Azhar is a distinguished biomedical scientist and an expert in toxicology, with a profound specialization in mass spectrometry. His comprehensive background and vast experience position him as an exemplary consultant for laboratories seeking expertise in validations, data analysis, troubleshooting, and enhancements in systems and workflows. Mr. Azhar has successfully led the development and operationalization of fully functional toxicology laboratories, demonstrating proficiency across an extensive range of LC-MS equipment and various automated enzyme immunoassay systems.
Rhyan Walcott
Rhyan WalcottManaging Partner


Let us handle the technicalities, so you can focus on pushing the boundaries of your scientific research. Connect with us today to experience unparalleled service quality and reliability.

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